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Second independent external evaluation of the European Institute for Gender Equality

The independent external evaluation will assess the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE), its programme and activity including the aspects of relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency and EU added value of the contribution made by the Institute on the promotion of gender equality. This is the 2nd external evaluation of EIGE, with the first carried out in 2015 also by PPMI. The evaluation covers the period 2015–2020, inclusive, and encompasses the entire scope of EIGE’s activities according to thematic and operational aspects.

The retrospective analysis will measure the progress of implementing the recommendations of the previous evaluation between 2015 and 2020. The prospective analysis will assess the strengths and weaknesses of the Institute and provide the basis to formulate detailed recommendations to improve the implementation of EIGE’s work. Special focus will be given to the synergy effects with other EU stakeholders, taking into account their views and specific needs. The evaluation itself will be carried out in a gender-sensitive way.

The methods applied include desk research, interviews (~100) and surveys (among staff and stakeholders), case studies, usability tests of EIGE online products, participant observation and online public consultation. Through five case studies, PPMI will provide an in-depth analysis of the outcomes and impacts of selected activities of the Institute.